Social Media Dominators…

Facebook is the total usage minute leader. 16 percent of user time online went to in 2011. Facebook dominates the United States and much of Europe. Facebook’s newsfeed share your updates, comments, links, photos and “likes” with your friends and gives you theirs. Facebook has been used for announcements, autobiographies and epitaphs.

LinkedIn is the best for professional career usage. is very active for business networking, recruiting, resume postings, keeping in touch, communicating news articles and information.

Twitter is #1 in generating short text messages of 140 characters or less. Twitter has played a role in the downfall of tyrants and is the fastest source of news available on the planet. Twitter allows anyone to tune in to anyone’s broadcast of information.

Texting is #1 in message volume for teens (and many others). It is very common for teens you know to send or receive over 100 text messages per day.

All of these social media tools are creating an environment where users regularly create their own content, share it and get responses. Mobile devices are accelerating the growth in communication around the world. Voice calls are still a great use of the telephone but they are no longer the only use.

Much of the information and ideas above were gathered with the help of an insightful book: The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything by Michael Saylor.