Prep ’74 Reunion

Prep ’74 Reunion — June 15, 2024

It’s been fifty years. All classes think they’re exceptional and Prep ’74 isn’t any different.

The Fairfield Prep Class of 1974 was born in 1956 and has been inspired since graduation.

Some of us have a membership bias — we’re partial to Prep ’74 because we’re members of Prep ’74.

Only 1 can be the best — if you don’t believe me, ask any player from Prep’s undefeated football team in 1973. History never forgets and the glory never fades away.

Our identity comes from esteemed classmates, top sports teams — all of them — and our dedication to progress.

Life is simple. There are only two kinds of people in this world — those who are members of Prep ’74 and others less fortunate.

Disclaimer: this web post was NOT approved, licensed or endorsed by any entity affiliated with Fairfield Prep — any representation to the contrary is unauthorized and illegal.

Only 1 Can Be The Best

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Non-Stop Laughter

Here’s a photo of Paul C.  with his sister, Eileen.

Unburdened by common sense and logic,

Paul C.  has a track record of delivering

side-splitting jokes that give listeners

the kind of laughter that produces ex-

haustion! Imagine being hospitalized

for “chronic joke fatigue”.  Don’t be next.

Doctors agree: there is no cure.

There are many great men in this world

— I’m glad one of them is my cousin.

Only 1 can be the best.


Validea’s upbeat viewpoint explained here:


Six reasons to smile:   < — Things might work out.   Here’s why:





Only 1 Can Be The Best.


Johny Vegas — Super Cool American

Johnny Vegas - Super Cool American - 1997 - YouTube  ,  < — Super Cool American was the 90’s best album. Some people are hoping for a reunion tour — they got that idea from me.


Only 1 Can Be The Best


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Only 1 Can Be The Best




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Only 1 can be the best.



Winter Olympics — 2022

Explained Why Did The US Boycott The Winter Olympics 2022 In China - The  SportsGrail

Winter Olympics — only one can be the best.  Let’s GO, USA.

Only 1 can be the best!


Trumbull’s CERT / Third Anniversary:

November 7, 2018 marks the third year of Trumbull’s all-volunteer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Trumbull’s CERT has training, equipment and multi-level leadership.  Read more below. Emergency Response Team (CERT) | Trumbull, CT72/Community-Emergency-Response-Team-CERT


Boston Mass USA

Pin on Boston, MA USA 

American Dreams started here.


EXIT 27A — never a toll!